5th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Division

Honorary Colonel of the Regiment - Major General Andy Anderson, USA (R)

Honorary Command Sergeant Major of the Regiment - CSM Ray Barret, USA (R)

Distinquished Members of the 5th infantry Regiment:

Jim Caudle, Fred Diverse, 1SG Ron Henry USA (R), Jon Cartwright, Randy Keithcart, Denis McDonough, CSM Victor Mercado, CSM Daryl Niles USA (R), Jerry Peal, Ralph Laubecher, Roger Smith, John Snodgrass, Paul Robinson


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 Ron Soppe's Diary, Combat Medic Vietnam

The first 100 copies will be signed and numbered.

The price is $44.95 including S & H

We will use the proceeds to publish more at a later date!

Any questions please call Ron Henry toll free at 1.877.870.8394


Almost four decades have passed since the 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry left Vietnam. As the Bobcats departed, individually or collectively, many chose to leave behind their experiences of intense combat. Now that so much time has passed for many of us who made it home, it is difficult to recall the numerous firefights and other enemy actions that occurred during a five year deployment. Oddly enough, Bobcats now seek answers to questions of their service posed by themselves and perhaps their family members. Fortunately, Ron Soppe had the foresight to document his involvement in the intense and deadly fighting during the fall of 1968 and early 1969. Basically, his comments are written to his mother, and as you can read there was little or no holding back what a grim and challenging situation the Bobcats faced during this period of time. How Ron could pull himself together and write comments after these fierce and deadly actions with the enemy is in itself remarkable.

As then Bobcat 6 in the fall of 1968, I am pleased and honored to make these comments as an introduction to Ron's diary. Just a short while ago, Ron Soppe, Ron Henry and I visited "The Wall". It was difficult to read through the tears we shed over so many names of our fallen brothers, many of whom died in the arms of medic Ron Soppe. In the past when we held our reunions, Ron would bring his diary for all to see but he never let it out of his sight. Ron Henry and I asked repeatedly if he would agree to its publication. Often times debated discussions and specific questions concerning certain combat actions were settled by referring to Ron's diary. Now, after years of badgering him about publication, he has finally given his approval to do so.

So we are in his debt as well as to Ron Henry who has promoted and funded this effort. Additionally, Ron Soppe has had serious medical problems in the past and Ron Henry has always come to his aid. Now that the diary has been published, you can read about the days and their events that led to the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to our very own combat medic Ron Soppe. Some of you may have witnessed the DSC presentation ceremony conducted by General Creighton Abrams.

I was truly blessed to have served with such tried and true men during my watch. It was also a time in Bobcat history that led to the award of our nation's highest unit award, the Presidential Unit Citation.

Andy Anderson, Major General, (USA)(R)
Honorary Colonel of the
Fifth Infantry Regiment



More Pictures (Christmas Platoon)

Soppe & Girls

Ron Soppe & The Gold Sisters

Andy & Soppe

Ron Soppe & Andy Anderson

Andy & Dan

Andy Anderson & Dan Curran

More Soppe Girls

Ron Soppe & The Montana Sisters

Our Bobcat

Our Bobcat in Vietnam

The Wall

Ron Henry, Andy Anderson,

Ron Soppe & John Snodgrass

Soppe Loves Girls

Ron Soppe & The KGB Agents

I always wanted to hug my Sergeant Major

Ron Henry & Ray Barrett

I Always Wanted to Hug my Sergeant Major

Gary & Dan

Gary Martin & Dan Curran

Ron Soppe & The Mexican Connection

Donut Dollies

Unknowns & Captain Willingham on right

Gary & Bruce

Bruce Cotta & Gary Martin

Ron Henry

Ron Henry

Andy, Ray & Rohdy

Ray Barrett, Andy Anderson, Mike Rohdy

Bob Wood

Bob Wood


Andy Anderson, Ron Henry, Gary Martin, Dan Curran

Andy Anderson, Ron Henry,

Gary Martin, Dan Curran

Joe Bane

Joe Bane

Art, Ron & Paul

Ron Henry, Art Cook, Paul Moir

Nui Ba Din

Ron Henry - Nui Ba Den Mountain

Mountain of the Black Viirgin

:L to R: John Merriman, ?, ?, Ron Henry, Barry Jones

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson - Battalion Commander

The Battle of Ben Cui

Battle of Ben Cui

The painting above is free to any Bobcat Member - CLICK HERE

These are actual photo's shot in the heat of battle, The Presidential Unit Citation was awarded for this battle.

Photo's courtesy of Art Cook, taken by Sgt. Mousseau (Frenchy), a Combat Reporter who chose to ride along with the 1/5th on that event filled day.

See the Presidential Unit Citation

See the History of the 5th Infantry Regiment and the words on the Presidential Unit Citation


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam


Battle of Ben Cui, Vietnam

The man with his right arm bandaged is 1LT John Snodgrass, the Company Commander,

the person holding the canteen is the Battalion Chaplain, Chaplain Don Just.


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